Biomechanics & Posture Analysis

Using the tools of biomechanics, we can measure what is normal and what’s abnormal in movement, measure the forces on the body and then use that screening tool to figure out which athletes are at risk for injury and why.

-Dr. Timothy Hewett, head of sports medicine research at Ohio State University from the NIH Newsletter, News in Health in the article titled, “Healthy Movements: Your Body’s Mechanics”

Kinesiotherapy Session

A kinesiotherapy session involves an initial one hour evaluation in which the body’s bio mechanical systems are evaluated.  The specific system to be evaluated will be determined by the specific sports activity, chronic injury presented or a specific activity of daily living (ADL).  After the initial evaluation, it will then be determined, on a case by case basis, the number of sessions to follow. These sessions would consist of 30-45 minute sessions to develop and to strengthen an individual’s bio mechanical systems and new movement patterns.

Bike Fit

Any level of cyclist can benefit from a bike fit.  The bike fit session will involve a client bringing his or her bike to the center.  The bike will be then placed on an indoor trainer and specific individual angles and measurements will be acquired.  Appropriate adjustments will be made to maximize bio mechanical angles to provide an efficient position with the intention of preventing bike related repetitive injuries and increasing power on the bike.

Gait Analysis

A Gait Analysis can be performed for a runner of any level.  The Gait Analysis will evaluate a runner’s stability and muscular recruitment during the phases of the running gait. From the information gathered during the Gait Analysis, an individual strengthening program will be provided to help prevent running related injuries.

Posture Assessment

A Posture Assessment session is a 45 minute session in which both static and dynamic posture is evaluated using a posture grid and goniometer measurements.  A review of the information acquired in this session is presented to the client and a program consisting of goals and strengthening program is supplied in the second posture session.